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Alfred Hitchock’s legacy in film is undeniable. Nicknamed “The Master of Suspense,” his career spanned 6 decades with over 50 films to his credit. His films are filled with intrigue, plot twists, murder, mystery and of course, his signature cameo appearances.

U.K artist Benedict Woodhead has started a fantastic series of prints that pay homage to Hitchcock’s brilliance. We reached out to him and here is what he had to say...

What drew you to Hitchcock?

As a child I was brought up on E.T., Star Wars, Indiana Jones and not only loved the films but the posters and artwork that these films generated. I was lucky enough to be given a limited edition Star Wars print signed by the illustrator Ralph McQuarrie, and I was hooked. I wanted to create movie posters!

Inspiration came after watching Hitchcock’s ‘Dial ‘M’ For Murder,’ on a cold and wet Saturday afternoon. This was not like the epic films of my generation but a dark, intense narrative with a dramatic twist, from a vintage era.
I was driven to create designs, which reflected the suspense, thrill and mystery of Hitchcock’s artistic filmmaking.

Will there be more coming in this series?

Definitely! I’ve created a monster and cannot rest until I have tamed the beast by creating a range of designs for Hitchcock’s major classics.

What is your favorite Hitchcock film and why?

It’s a close call between Dial ‘M’ For Murder and Psycho, but if you twisted my arm it would have to be ‘Dial M’. Maybe because it’s the first Hitchcock I ever saw. Maybe it’s because I can still appreciate the tension and suspense even after watching the film a ridiculous number of times!

Where can fans buy your stuff?

At present, I am in discussion with a gallery in Los Angeles who are interested in printing and releasing the four Hitchcock posters; ‘Dial ‘M’ For Murder’, ‘Psycho’, ‘The Birds’ and ‘Vertigo.’
I also have a Letter Press print ‘In The Shade’ available at CultCollective in the UK.. This was inspired by the forthcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. Check this out and the rest of my work on my website – and follow the links to my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.



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