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Kamal Rahyab

Wow. Dc's animated movies used to be amazing. Justice League: Doom was great. Flashpoint was better. Superman vs the Elite was genius. Green Lantern's First Flight was cool. Throne of Atlantis was underrated. Wonder Woman was amazing. Batman: Under the Red Hood was raw. I loved their movies. Then Justice League: War came which I liked but it was the start of something terrible. It did so well Jay Olivia started to do a half-assed sequel and a Batman spin-off which was horrible. Things got even worse when Batman vs Robin came out.

Even though the concept of Batman vs Robin sounds stupid, it enticed me to watch it because this will be the first time the Court of Owls would be in an animated movie. However, I knew it wouldn't be like the Court of Owls storyline and it was just include them. The story is about Batman and Robin's rocky relationship where Damian is stubborn and annoying and Bruce wants to control everything.

Bruce has a girlfriend named Samantha and he tells her of his plans to improve Gotham. Later, they go to the Dollmaker and Damian confronts him about to kill him but remembers Batman's training. Then the Talon, a hired killer for the mythical Court of Owls kills him. That's the start of their relationship turning bad. Bruce Wayne is kidnapped by the Court of Owls and is offered a chance to join them. Bruce says he needs time to think about it. Later, you find out Samantha is sleeping with the Talon and used Bruce. Talon's backstory is that his father was abusive and he died. The Owls took him in. Talon recruits Robin (who's investigating the Court after he kicked Nightwing's ass which I really thought was stupid because he won with a sucker punch) and the Court leader tells Talon of Wayne's involvement. Batman goes to the Court's hideout in the sewers and is nearly killed before having one fight (the only fight between Batman and Robin IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE) in which Damian WINS. He returns home and Nightwing and Alfred tell him Damian's gone.

The Court leader says in order to gain his trust, Robin must take off the mask (though it's painfully obvious who he is even without the stupid mask). He's an idiot and takes it off so they know Bruce is Batman and the Court Leader instructs Talon to kill Damian. Talon traps Damian and means to drown him and kills the Court and we find out the leader is Samantha. Talon uses the Court's secret weapon which is to bring back fallen Talons from the dead and use it to attack Wayne Manor. Batman and Nightwing fight bravely with an epic battle with all of Batman's cool things like the giant armor and the Batmobile. Even Alfred shows us he still has some power but they all lose. Talon is about to kill Batman when Damian escapes and defeats Talon. Talon kills himself and Robin says Ral Al Gul, Batman and Talon were all in his head but "where am I?" so he leaves.

The plot itself is terrible and the voice cast is ok at best. They overpowered Damian too much and made the other characters extremely weak. They took out all the cool things in the comic book expect the maze and like Son of Batman, it's underwhelming. Why aren't the animated movies just whelmed? Anyway, I gave it a 6.7/10 because it wasn't a total failure. There was character development and the father son relationship was done ok. Anyway, what'd you think?


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