ByJohn Gilkey, writer at

Is it possible that years before the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Disney had its own little cinematic universe? It's possible, given the following film franchises: The Absent Minded Professor (Not the Flubber remake) and its sequel; the Herbie movies; the Shaggy Dog (not the Tim Burton or made for TV remake); and finally The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes and it's sequels.

Let's examine the evidence:

1. Location, location, location

In The Absent Minded Professor, the Son of Flubber, the Shaggy D.A., and the Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, we see that the films take place in the town where Medfield College is located. Now, since The Shaggy D.A. is a sequel to The Shaggy Dog, we know those movies could take place in the same cinematic universe.

2. Characters and characters

Now, where do the Herbie movies fit in? Since they take place in California, Mexico and Europe, it's hard to say they fit in this cinematic universe, with one exception: Alonzo Hawk.

As we know about Alonzo Hawk, he had Medfield College in a difficult financial position in The Absent Minded Professor. He then moved his nefarious schemes to San Francisco where he had to contend with Herbie. Since we know that the other Herbie movies (and yes, potentially even 2005's Herbie Fully Loaded) directly or indirectly refer to events in previous movies in the series, we can conclude that the Herbie movies take place in the same universe.

Now, did Disney have this in mind when they made these movies? Probably not, and they certainly didn't lead up to an Avengers-type movie. But given what we know of these movies, it's safe to say that a small cinematic universe, that crossed film franchises, was created.


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