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1. Television does have well-read cops. And some of them are genuises.

You know, if you look closely on the shots of the police headquarters, you could actually see that it's a library. As a matter of fact, it's the Public Library in LA.

2. Amell family on board!

As many of you know, Stephen and Robbie are cousins.

Robbie was on the TV series "Tomorrow People" which got cancelled after 1 season. Then, he joined Arrow's spin-off 'The Flash' as the Firestorm.

3. How do we call it?

We may be used calling Oliver's alter ego "Arrow" or "Green Arrow" but it wasn't until season 2 that he gained that name. Before that, they would call him "The Vigilante" or "The green hooded guy".

4. Do I know this castle from somewhere else?

Oh yeah, of course I do. And you should!

Do you remember Luthor's castle on Smallville? (I so loved that show) Yeah, well that's it!

Also you can see this particular castle on X-men United and X-men: The last stand.

Does it ring a bell?

5. Do you recognize your city?

The skyline of the city that's been used in almost every episode , it's an amalgam of many real life cities. You can see footage of Germany: Frankfurt, Tokyo, Singapore and many more.

6. Are you my daddy?

Just so you know, John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn) and Colin Donnell (Tommy Merlin) are actually 14 years apart. So that would mean that Malcolm had Tommy when he was just 14 years old.

Nah? Okay.

7. I'm confused.

Originally, in the comics Dinah 'Laurel' Lance is the real identity of the Black Canary, who not only doesn't die, but she actually marries Oliver Queen. In the television show Laurel Lance is played by Katie Cassidy (You may know her from Supernatural as Ruby) and she's not the Black Canary, although, the directors and screen-writers have made several changes, obviously.

Black Canary no longer exists, Oliver and Laurel, well, they don't have a thing anymore....and then, there's Felicity, whom I love.

8. Stephen Amell: An actor and an stuntman all together.

Remember that shot from the pilot? I'm sure you do.

We often witness Oliver do this thing, either to impress Felicity or just to workout. But you'll be surprised when you'll hear that he did it himself, not wires, not stunts, not nothing...nada. He did confirm that it's indeed a part of his workout regime, so the directors thought: "Wanna put it on the show? It should be awesome considering all these girls watching it!".


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