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The MCU is a vast and very In-Depth Universe. Today I'm focusing on already announced MCU Films without villains just yet.

Doctor Strange


Doctor Stephen Strange, Earth's Sorcerer Supreme is a very big title to hold on your Shoulders. So what villain should go Toe-To-Toe with this Supernatural Sorcerer.

  • Nightmare - A Demonic Demon with the power to put someone into a deep sleep and enter there Nightmares without Consent and ruin there night... He can also kill you and wont lose any sleep over what he has done.
  • Dracula - King of the Vampires with an attitude towards everything that's not a Vampire. With strong Tides with our very own Captain America. This Dark Character could very well bring the Horror movie vibe Marvel is rumored to want to do Con este Pelicula.
  • Dorumammu - Lord of the Dark Realm is described by The Doctor himself as "Most terrible Foe" that "at full power no one could stand against." That's scary. This could for sure bring the power of villains Marvel most helplessly needs.

Guardians Of the Galaxy 2


This ragtag team of misfits really suprised every single one of us. Can they do it again.

  • Nebula - It has been announced that Nebula is definitely returning to the Big screen in [Guardians of the Galaxy 2](movie:1081113). What will she be doing there. Your guess is as good as mine.
  • Thanos - With Josh Brolin protraying Thanos soon in Infinity Wars. Will Thanos make an appearance in this movie. If so i think it'll be just as big as his role in the first movie.

Thor 3: Ragnarok


Thor is a god. Ragnarok means "End of All Gods". [Thor: Ragnarok](movie:956858) is gonna be a very Enticing film.

  • Surtur - The Norse equivalent of the Guy Downstairs. Who else to bring the End of all Gods
  • Loki - Agaain? Nah just playing

Spectacular Spider-Man

Spidey On His way!
Spidey On His way!
  • Kraven The Hunter - He Hunts Spiders
  • Mysterio - He's Mysterious
  • Dr. Octopus - Scientist with Tentacles
  • Sandman - A man made out of Sand
  • Vulture - A Man Vulture
  • Electro - A guy who can control Electricity
  • Lizard - Scientist who turns into a lizard
  • Rhino - A guy who turned into a man Rhino
  • Green Goblin - Billionaire Norman Osborn
  • Shocker - A Very Shocking guy
  • Venom - A symbiote
  • King Pin - Already Introduced in Daredevil and is in talks of fighting Spidey
  • Sinister Twelve - All these Villains turned it one in a big blockbuster film

Black Panther

Coming out on my Birth-Day!
Coming out on my Birth-Day!

With Andy Serkis Confirmed already as Ulysses Klaw the man that killed T'Chaka who else should be in this movie.

[Captain Marvel](movie:949779)

Cpt. Marv!
Cpt. Marv!
  • Sabertooth - With rights belonging to Fox this is kinda doubtful
  • Venom - Usually connected with Spider-Man but one of her greatest foes.
  • Norman Osborn - Another great Rival


Umm... they're cool i guess.
Umm... they're cool i guess.
  • Thanos - We already talked about this
  • Lord Maximus - A powerful Inhuman with a taste for power and an evil mind

What do you guys think? Do you have any better Suggestions? Tell me in the Comments!


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