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Matthew Bailey

Well, after reading an article the other day, I can tell you that I would do what Ben Brucker did.

Ben works for a creative agency in San Francisco, and he was tired of his drab office walls, so he came up with a 'super' idea.

Ben used mover 8,000 super sticky post-its and one weekend full of his co-workers and some of their children to transform the office walls into murals of several superheroes.

Seriously, how cool would that be to look up and see your superheroes on the wall, especially with the old-school pixel look?

Although, post-it's aren't exactly known for their permanence, it doesn't matter because for one moment the office was turned into a beautifully pixilated superhero lined wonderland.

I think that's $300 well spent.


Would you love an office like this?


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