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Have been diligently following the shows like The Arrow, The Flash ,Agents Of Shield.I agree the shows try to be as close to reality but The Flash seems to be furthest from explaining why thinks are the way they are.

So below are things i believe needs an explanation in some way:

1. How is Flash able to carry people at super speeds without them burning due to friction.

2. How does his suit help him any different from his normal clothes since he runs same speeds without the suit.Thought his suit basically to protect him from friction at high speeds.

3. In episode 'Out Of Time' how does Barry change to Flash in front of Iris without going back to S.T.A.R Labs.He seemed to have just stood there rotated real fast and become flash.

4. In episode 'Out Of Time'Barry saves Joe from a lightning strike for that he has to be really much faster than light as we can see lightning approaching Joe.But he has not reached light speed in the show yet.

At that thought , i cannot wait for the upcoming episodes.DC is almost toe to toe with Marvel right now.....and lot more coming soon.

Who else thinks the same or am i missing something?


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