BySean Conroy, writer at

It’s been 65 years since Walt Disney’s animated classic was released to generations of adoring audiences. In the 2015 version there are no post modern, feminist sub texts at play, everyone involved seems intent on telling a straightforward story of a beautiful blond servant girl falling in love with a handsome prince. Director Kenneth Branagh (Jack Ryan) and writer Chris Weitz (About a Boy) have been decidedly faithful to the source material.

Branagh responsible for some cinematic adaptations of Shakespeare’s great work including Henry V, Hamlet and Much Ado about Nothing is the ideal choice to direct this updated version of Cinderella. he understands the classics and is generally reluctant to change structure for the purpose of satisfying modern audiences hunger for something new. Having Cate Blanchett as the wicked step mother and Downton Abbey’s Lily James as Cinderella is icing on the cake, they are lavishly costumed by the sensational Sandy Powell. In many ways this film could have been made at the height of the studio era, except for the occasional use of CGI.

Production Design comes courtesy of the legendary Dante Ferretti (Hugo), the film is lensed by

Haris Zambarloukos (Thor) and the score by Patrick Doyle.


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