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Help Support: GEHENNA - Where Death Lives

Gehenna is the next big thing in Horror. Gehenna - Where Death Lives is an independent horror film directed/produced by renouned effects master Hiroshi Katagiri and starring the amazing Doug Jones.

The story goes a little like this: Paulina and Tyler visit Saipan to scout locations for their company's newest resort. After finding what was seemingly a perfect location, they discover a hidden cave on the property. They decide to explore it, enlisting the help of Alan, their location coordinator, and his assistant Pepe.

The cave turns out to be a long-time abandoned Japanese military base. It dates back to WW2. As they move forward, they encounter several dried up corpses, but they are undaunted; their curiosity outweighs their fear. Not for long.

Emerging from the darkness, an elderly man approaches; he is barely recognizable as human, horribly deformed and ravaged by time. His frail body, with its loose hanging skin, makes the group think he's been living in the cave for his entire life.

Alan panics and pushes the old man backward, sending him crashing into the wall with sufficient force to end the old man’s life.

Before the group can catch its breath, a deafening explosion sends rocks and rubble everywhere. The intense turbulence shakes the entire cave, knocks the group unconscious and seals them inside.

When they awaken, the dead body of the old man has disappeared, and the other corpses are also gone.

Fear sets in, and as they become desperate to find an exit, they wander further in all directions, encountering and uncovering new sinister secrets. Every member of the group has a private secret too, and as these are revealed, the nightmare deepens.

The fear turns to terror. But they try to reason it through. They find clues, and unsure how to interpret them, they begin to clash among themselves.

The sinister secrets of the cave begin to unfold further, and the mystery starts to touch upon the distinction between life and death. As the various sources and clues unwind the cave’s mysteries, the most shocking conclusion of all awaits ...

Amazing! One to scare your pants off. Also it stars Doug Jones so you know it will be amazing!

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