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Directors, film casters, and others usually have the honor of choosing and picking who will star in movies. I believe that Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, and Ben Affleck were great picks for their roles, but it's time the fans have the fun in picking.

This is my interpretation of heroes and villains that need to be in the DC cinematic universe who have not been cast yet. Please comment with your opinions.

Taissa Farmiga as Batgirl

Jake T. Austin as Beast Boy

Teresa Palmer as Black Canary

Paige Hurd as Bumblebee

Tyler James Williams as Kid Flash (Wally West)

Yaya Alafia as Vixen

Ashley Benson as Wondergirl (Cassie Sandsmark)

Taylor Lautner as Nightwing

Mila Kunis as Talia Al Ghul

Jessica Biel as Hawkgirl

Gisele Bundchen as Queen Hippolyta

Oded Fehr as Doctor Fate

Ryan Gosling as Green Arrow

Ariana Grande as Starfire

Diana Argon as Supergirl

Emily Blunt as Catwoman

Blair Underwood as Green Lantern

Liam Hemsworth as Superboy

Jaden Smith as Static Shock

Jared S. Gilmore as Robin (Damian Wayne)

Kellan Lutz as Shazam

Elizabeth Gillies as Raven

Jessica Chastain as Queen Mera

Henry Simmons as Martian Manhunter

Gemma Arterton as Zatanna

Jim Carey as Plastic Man

Logan Lerman as Red Robin (Tim Drake)

David Henrie as Red Hood (Jason Todd)

Lance Gross as Orion

Kevin Grevioux as Darkseid

Ben Kingsley as Hugo Strange

Dylan McDermott as Deathstroke

Olga Kurlyenko as Cheetah

Kat Dennings as Plastique

Dennis Hasybert as Ares

Matthew Willig as Bane

Denzel Washington as Black Manta

Chris Pine as Booster Gold

Gina Carano as Circe

Olivia Wilde as Vicki Vale

Daryl Sabara as Vibe

Ethan Hawke as Two-Face

Danny Glover as Lucius Fox

Kristin Kreuk as Fire

Jessica Parker Kennedy as Ice

Rupert Grint as Jimmy Olsen

Neve Campbell as Killer Frost

Rose McGowan as Poison Ivy

William H. Macy as Commisioner Gordon

Jim Parsons as The Riddler

Gerald Butler as Lobo

Phil Morris as Silas Stone

Mark Strong as Sinestro

Robbie Amell as Aqualad

Lou Ferrigno as Solomon Grundy

Justin Timberlake as Blue Beetle

Zach Galifianakis as Harvey Bullock

Selena Gomez as Huntress

Yeah. It's a little star-studded, but it could happen. You're welcome to leave comments at the end thanks for your time.


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