ByBrad Dee, writer at

Amazing Spider-man #17: Slott and Sage again do "tear-down" duty as they continue to get rid of all loose-ends on the way to Secret Wars. This month, lets make sure that nobody thinks Peter is still dating Anna Marie, continue destroying Parker Industries and give us a cliffhanger that might be removing one character from the series. As a whole, this issue serves its purpose. Last month, "iron man" villain the Ghost was hired to destroy Parker Industries. Why he would go along with this is never fully explained, but knowing the Ghost's usual frame of mind, we can just fill in the blanks.

Next issue will be a rare battle where Spidey needs to use his brains instead of his might as he takes on a foe he can't punch or web up. Should be interesting. But, the main story only encompasses 12 pages of this issue, as the end of the book is dedicated to a pointless Black Cat story where she is trying to steal back all of her items that were sold at a auction. With only 1 month to go until "Secret Wars", I was hoping we could have spent a full 22 pages on the regular story so that Slott doesn't need to rush the next issue to finish a storyline that is literally 4 years in the making. But, I guess he will because the Black Cat story was also "to be continued". Since a review must be for the entire issue, I can only give this issue a 6 out of 10.Good first story. Useless second story.


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