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Nina Dobrev is a woman that has had to do many diverse characters over the course of her time on the show [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853). Over the course of 7 years she played four different characters on the show, often playing opposite herself, using her diverse talents to bring to life many different characters.

Over the Easter Holiday weekend, many fans were bombarded with a barrage of Nina loving pics as she and many cast and crew members celebrated the holiday and one made the mistake of using the hashtag "" which made the internet go abuzz with ideas that Nina may be leaving the show, not a stretch as she had yet to renew her contract for the seventh season.

Many believed that it was yet another speculation, or out of line rumor that had been started by one of the many gossip sites that claim that she is still pining over her break up with co-star Ian Somerhalder and chose not to believe it until Nina herself took to Instagram with some disheartening news:

Her Instagram has no less than 28,000 comments so far, either showing support to Miss Dobrev or crying over the loss of one of the frontrunners on the show.

The question now remains as to how her character will make her exit?

This writer has a few ideas...

She will be killed off

Nothing could leave the Salvatore brothers fighting more than mourning the loss of the girl that they both loved. Elena has been killed twice on the show, first by the hybrid sacrifice and then by being driven off the Wickery Bridge and has tempted death more than once - even including how she first met Stefan, when her parents died going over the same bridge. Will Elena tempt fate again and end up dead once more?

She is going to New Orleans

The rewrite of The Originals showed how deeply Elijah cared for the doppelganger Tatia, and there have been quite a few flashbacks with Nina on the show since they showed the history. With Elijah trying to get over the loss of Hayley to Jackson for the time being...would it make sense to have Elena come to New Orleans and help him to forget it all?

She will go find Jeremy and take down vampires

Just months ago fans were mourning the loss of cast member Steven R. McQueen who played little brother Jeremy Gilbert to Nina's Elena Gilbert. The actor was cited as wanting to pursue other things at the time, and his character's farewell was not to skip off to art college like he told his gullible sister, but to go back to his ways of being a vampire hunter. He was sent off with news of vampires being rampant, and off he went to fight them. Perhaps his sister found out and decided to join him? Maybe she wanted to help keep him out of harm's way.

But the most likely thing of all...

She takes the cure and decides to leave Mystic Falls

Many months ago, back in the end of January to be precise, I had the lucky privilege to be one of the many fans that got to watch Paul Wesley speak about The Vampire Diaries at Salt Lake's FanX.

He spoiled the fact that Steroline would happen, and he was asked on whether or not Elena should end up with Stefan or Damon, he stated:

"I think Elena should take cure and leave both Salvatore brothers behind."

While at the time people took it as a joke and had a very good laugh at his trying to keep it all a secret. With Bonnie bringing back the cure from the 1920s and giving it to Damon, one can't help but wonder if perhaps Paul had inadvertently given two spoilers that day...and whether or not Elena will end up taking the cure and living the human life that she always wanted. Giving her the time to decide whether or not she wants kids and/or a family one day.

And heaven knows she will want to get out of Mystic Falls as quickly as possible since the human life expectancy is at an all time low.


How do you think Elena will make her exit from "The Vampire Diaries"?


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