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The question of which main character will lose their life in the upcoming cinematic orgasm that will be second installment of the MARVEL juggernaut has been kind of forgotten in the last several weeks. But I know many of you, like me, have you're own guesses on who will be shuffled loose the mortal coil. So I wanted to take a second to run my guess out to the inter-web and see what you all think. But first, ask yourself a question...

What did Coulson's death do to [The Avengers](movie:9040)?

Simply put, it united them. So whoever bites the dust in the next film has to be a significant person to the cannon that Joss & Co. have established. Someone that not only is an important part of the story but who's death will greatly effect the mood of at least one of the characters.

Like Cap. America...

I think Peggy Carter is the one that will die!

Just as Coulson's death (I know, He didn't die, yada, yada, yada...) served as the unifying moment in the first film, I think the death of Agent Carter will do the same in Avengers 2. Not to mention serve as the even that makes Capt. Rodgers question everything from his place in the world to why he continues to even BE Capt. America. And her death would fit. Not only is she very old, but there could be a scene showing the last time that Steve and Peggy speak that would set it all up nicely.

Picture this:

Steve stops in to see Peggy. They have this poignant conversation about life and the like, after witch, Peggy decides to get up from her bed and give Steve the dance that he has waited eighty years for. A tear falls from Steve's eye as he thinks about what could have been.

Fast forward to the whole gang preparing to deal with Ultron. Nick Fury comes up to Cap and pulls him aside. He apologizes for the news he must deliver then tells Steve that Peggy died in her sleep.

This effects Steve just as you imagine it would. Setting his frame of mind as he moves into the final battle with Ultron and onto the up-coming Civil War.

If you are saying: "But shes not actually an Avenger." I disagree. It's easy to say that Peggy is one of the people most important to what has happened in the MCU thus far. She was one of the most important members of the SSR which became S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as Cap's main squeeze. She has a connection to Tony Stark as well being a good friend of his father Howard, so her loss could even cause Tony to take pause after hearing the news.

I'm not sure if anyone has put this idea forward. But it was something I was thinking for a while now. I hope it's been a good read.


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