ByBrad Dee, writer at

Convergence #0: Thus begins the start of the huge DC event of the year with Convergence #0. But, are zero issues really necessary. In the last few years, Marvel and DC have started mega events with a zero issue, which is meant to introduce readers to the event that is about to happen. It's either going to make readers drool for the upcoming comic, or turn them away and shudder at the event. This issue, does a little of both. Taking place during "the lost days" of Superman after Superman: Doomed #2, we find Superman trapped on a barren world talking to just about every form of Brainiac that has ever been seen before. But the question is, who is he really talking to and what exactly is going on? That is the question that will be answered over the next 8 weeks in about 40 different comics.

As a whole, the issue did serve it's purpose. Writer Dan Jurgans(from "death of superman" legend) wets our appetite with what is going on in this barren planet and explains a little about the pods that are present. But, who is in these pods remains a mystery for now. As Brainiac explains, he wants to correct the mistakes of his "missing" master. Well, this sounds like DC explaining that "the new 52" as a whole has not been as successful as they had hoped, and this set will be used to correct some of the problems that have surfaced due to that. By the end of the event, what will the landscape of the DC universe look like? Well, we will need to wait and see. I give this issue a 6 out of 10. It served it's purpose but not much else.At least the art was great and the 2 page spread of Superman dying was amazing.


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