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The Simpsons is my favorite animated TV show, and hopefully a lot of you know about the character McBain and how he's a spoof of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis. He is my second favorite "Simpson actor" with Bumble Bee Man taking first in some trophy. Now you know something about me. (Assuming you were kind enough to read this part and not be like the people who read the first sentence and and say, "Ugh. Who cares what you have to say just start already!")

Okay enough about me, lets talk about McBain. On some Simpsons episodes, mostly on the classic ones, you may notice clips of McBain in some action movie. BUT, I bet you didn't know that if you combine all of the clips, you get a mini movie!

Tell me in the comments what you think happened in-between the clips because, obviously, there isn't any footage of it and it would really help if we had more info. about it.


Did you enjoy the mini-movie?


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