ByBrad Dee, writer at

Avengers #43: In 2 months "Time Runs Out", but time for the Earth might run out even before that if the Sh'iar have their way. In recent months, there have been a number of storylines running around with no cohesion. We have the Earth groups one issue, the Ultimate universe the next, Doctor Strange the next and then a huge fight with Thor and the Beyonder the next. It hurts the framework of "Time Runs Out" because we never know what story we are gonna get each issue. This issue, we get the Sh'iar and their goal for the destruction of Earth. Months ago, I reviewed a chapter of "Time Runs Out" and stated that it probably appeared better on paper then it did in final form. I am going to make the same statement about this issue.

The comic runs around with constant flashbacks that take away from the general story, and offer no explanations to what is happening in the present. It opens up with Tony Stark still in his self-appointed exile inside of a glass cage. Why he is there or how he got in there is still a mystery. The high point of the issue involves the weapons systems that Tony has created to combat any force that might threaten Earth in the future. But, the downside is, by the end of the issue we are back to exactly where we were in the beginning. Not really mush happens. In addition, I was amazed when I looked at the issue and discovered there was only 1 artist in the issue, as the coloring was not the same throughout the issue. People looked stiff throughout the issue and the facial expressions of some characters was not done properly. I can only give this issue a 5 out of 10, which is a shame considering how great the last part of this saga was.


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