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I've always been huge with comic books and superheroes. I was born in the beginning stages of the Age of Superheroes. They're on TV, in movies, on lunch boxes, backpacks, toy stores, everywhere. I love them. But there's a few that I just randomly hate without much reason. These are not based on religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, age or anything really. It's just a random hate. I'm a teen, we're allowed to randomly hate stuff. Although I will briefly explain for a few just so there's actually something to read.



Here's a little explaining. I really hate Namor because he acts like he's the sh*t. You're not. You rule Atlantis, so what? Aquaman is beast and a thousand times cooler than you. Plus you once stole Mr. Fantastic'a girl. That's a big no, pal. Don't ruin the Fantastic Four. And you're even going to try bossing Scott Summers(Cyclops-X-Men) around? Good luck.


I even hate how you look. You piss me off.


Guy Gardner


I really don't know why but I hate you.

Dr Manhatten

You piss me off too. 1) Wear some clothes. I once got a Before Watchmen because it had Night Owl and he rules. You were in it too. Whole book is awesome and I flip the page to see your blue junk. Not cool. Didn't read it. 2) We get it. You're godlike. Don't have to say it in every sentence. 3) Why are you such a d-bag to everyone? In the Watchmen movie you left your wife who stuck by you no matter what. Jerk move. You push your friends away. You Even kill one because he wants you to. Friends don't kill friends.

John Stewart

It's not race or anything. You're my 4th favorite lantern(Hal Jordan, Kyle, Abin Sur, John Stewart). I just don't like you much.


I don't want to offend on this one, but I feel like the only reason you exist is because some feminist said “Why can't Spiderman be a girl?”, and then had to be made to please you. I don't have a problem with it(although I dont like Jessica Drew. Spidergirls are cool though), but I just don't like you because I really feel like that's the whole reason you exist. Not to offend any girls. I am all for women having equal rights.

Miles Morales

Once again, not race. Just don't like it. Costume. Replacing Peter Parker. Don't like it.

Captain America(Steve Rodgers)

I really don't like you Steve Rodgers. In film, you're alright, but in comics I hate you. I'm American, but I dont like you. The reason? The whole captain part. You appointed yourself that and it's just a name. And yes you're a super soldier and know strategy but Bucky Barnes is a better Captain America than you. And so was Sam Wilson(Falcon). And you're frozen for years, wake up, and think you can lead a team in a time you're out of? Iron Man should lead and maybe eventually you can take over. But not right away. And what about Ant Man? He made the Avengers! I only like you in film because there's Bucky and I went with my girlfriend who makes everything perfect and enjoyable.


Once again, I would like to express strongly that this is only MY personal opinion and that it is not based on powers, genders, audiences, race, sexual orientation, age, or anything. I just do not like these characters. Let me know down in the comments if we have any similar dislikes. And please don't be upset with me. These are NOT based on anything. I'm saying this multiple times because someone's going to say “You hate John Stewart because he's African American!” I do not. I strongly hate racist people, sexist people, or people against same sex marriage. We ALL deserve equal rights. And please don't explain in the comments why I'm wrong. It's my opinion. It's not wrong it's just different from yours.


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