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Hey everyone! This post is a direct continuation to my first post which was mostly a fan casting of mine that was based on phase 2 of the DC Cinematic Universe. In this post, I will be giving you my thoughts on who I would love to see be cast in the DC Cinematic Universe, and why. Keep in mind I may mention a few actors names you either haven't heard of in a while, or probably haven't heard of at all, since I tried really hard to make this casting a lot more original compared to my first post. Here's the link to my first post:

Ok, let's get started. In this post, I will be mentioning a lot of characters from gotham. Some of them will be heroes, and others might be anti heroes, and villains. I wanted to talk about the Bat Family in my second post because I truly like not only Batman as a hero, but also the entire bat family as a whole. I think they're one of the coolest group of heroes I've known as a kid, and I really would like to see them appear in the DCCU. Here's my thoughts on the characters I would love to see in the DCCU and which actors I feel would fit the roles of the characters.

First up, Nightwing:

I love Nightwing as a character for many reasons. Nightwing, is an all time favorite DC Character for me, because of how different he was too Batman, while at the same time, still becoming a character that is also similar to Batman. I feel Nightwing is such a cool character based on him being Batman's number one pupil, and also for how he was able to go solo and become a hero of his own separate from Batman. He even formed the Teen Titans! For these reasons alone, Nightwing is probably one of the most indpendent, strong, and coolest characters in the Bat Family! So, what actor do I think can do the role justice for the big screen? Well, here he is:

Alex Pettyfer:

Alex Pettyfer, is an actor I'm familiar with based on the film, "I Am Number Four." I loved the film I Am Number Four. I definitely thought it was a cool film, based on how new, and original the storyline was for me when I was younger, and I honestly thought it was the beginning of the next franchise that possibly would become just as big as the Harry Potter franchise. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and it sucked that there was no sequel for the film, but despite that, it was still a film that I really enjoyed, and thought was really cool. I feel Alex Pettyfer for some reason can definitely pull off the role of Nightwing really well, and I feel that even after "I Am Number Four," didn't get a sequel, he's still seems to be doing a great job in his career overall. I am also excited for the "Titans" television series that is suppose to be priemiering on TNT. I'm sure the television series will be great. I really do feel Alex can really bring justice to the role of Nightwing for the big screen.

The next character I am interesting in seeing on the big screen is:

Barbara Gordon /Batgirl:

Barbara Gordon is a character I feel I know, but at the same time don't. I like the character Barbara Gordon, because of how light hearted she is compared to most of the other characters in the Bat Family, especially the one and only Batman himself. I also know that there are different characters that take on the title of Batgirl, but I'm gonna be honest, and state that, Barbara Gordon is the only Batgirl i'm truly familiar with. The character Batgirl is cool to me, because of the witty side I think she has, and I like the fact that her relationship with Nightwing has a deeper connection. I feel out of the entire Bat Family, Nightwing, and Batgirl are the two most closest characters in that group, and definitely connect well together, because of how similar both characters are to one another. They both are definitely the most light hearted characters in the group in my opinion. The actress I had in mind for this role I feel is completely original, and if you watch the current season of the "Big Bang Theory," you may recognize her. The actress I would like to see take on the role is:

Laura Spencer:

Laura Spencer is not only a gorgeous woman, but she also mentions in a video that, she comes from a theater background. Personally, I'll be honest, and state that I know nothing about acting, because I am no actor, and so therefore I am no expert in acting, but if I had to take a guest, I would say, an actor who has a background in theater, is definitely someone to keep in an eye on for future roles in many projects. Laura Spencer also happens to play the character Emily, who is the love interest of Raj, and a recurring character on the show Big Bang Theory. This woman has a good portion of my support, just because of how much I love the show "Big Bang Theory." I think the show is definitely a funny show that many young or old people today, can get behind, and enjoy. Another thing about Laura Spencer that caught my interest is her appearance. I can't speak for everyone, but in my opinion her appearance screams Barbara Gordon to me. I think considering the fact that she has a background in theater, puts her in a good position in the industry she works in, and bottom line, based on what I've seen concerning Laura Spencer, I like her and overall I feel she definitely has a big future ahead of her as well. Here's a link to a video of Laura Spencer, so that you can get a better idea of who she is.

The next character I would like to mention is:

Tim Drake:

Tim Drake is known to be the third robin after Jason Todd, and is known mostly today as Red Robin. I'm not that much of a fan of Tim Drake, as I am with Nightwing, but I also don't dislike him either. I just feel, I don't know that much about him as a character. I also feel despite not knowing much about the character Tim Drake, he was honestly overshadowed by most of the other characters in the Bat Family. What's cool about him though is definitely how smart he is when it comes to technology, and the fact that he was able to surpass Jason Todd in the future. Tim Drake definitely has his cool moments as well. He was also part of the Teen Titans and the Young Justice, just like Nightwing, and also becomes leader of the Teen Titans in the future. Another interesting story line I liked about Tim Drake was how he pretty much became Joker Jr. in the animated film, "Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker." I thought it was a cool story line, because based on what I saw in the film, it turns out he was the one to kill the joker, after the joker experimented on him. Tim Drake is no doubt a very cool character in the DC Universe. The actor I believe would fit the role is:

Logan Lerman:

I know this a popular fan casting that has been done a bunch of times, and I know this fan casting isn't really original, but I have to admit that I agree with this popular fan casting. I feel he is perfect for the role. I thought he did a great job in the Percy Jackson films, and he displayed the type of leadership that I would like to see in the DC Cinematic Universe. Logan Lerman in my opinion has proven enough that he can take on the role of Tim Drake, and I believe he will do a great job if given the chance to play the character in the DC Cinematic Universe.

The next character I am interesting in seeing in the DCCU is:

Jason Todd/Red Hood:

Jason Todd is a character I'm not that much a fan of because I mostly thought he was the most stubborn character in the Bat Family. I do like that he was able to go off on his own, and become his own type of hero, but I still don't like the character that much, because of how violent he can be. Don't get me wrong. I know that the city the Bat Family lives in is Gotham, and violence happens a bunch of times there, but I just feel the character Jason Todd, just goes to an extra level of violence that isn't necessary. Despite my reasons for not liking Jason Todd that much, I feel that it would be very cool to show him in the DC Cinematic Universe. The actor I would like to see play the role is:

Drew Roy:

Drew Roy is an actor I've seen in a few shows such as Hannah Montana, iCarly, and the show he is currently on which is Falling Skies. I haven't watched that many episodes of Falling Skies, but I intend to, because I'm a sci-fi nerd, and I love sci-fi shows that have a lot of action in their stories. Drew Roy is an actor I had in mind for the role of Nightwing as well. I think he would do a great job playing the role of nightwing on either the television series which is suppose to premiere on TNT or the big screen. I also feel Drew Roy can play the character Jason Todd really well. I think he is a great actor on the falling skies, and I just feel he can definitely pull off the rebellious side the character Jason Todd has in my opinion.

The next character I want to see in the DC Universe is:


I like the character Catwoman for a few reasons. She is definitely a character that lives life the way she wants to, and doesn't succumb to almost anyone or anything. Catwoman to me isn't really a hero, but at the same time she's not a villain either. She has this mysterious side to her that I can't figure out, but at the same time she is a cool character, and I love seeing her in comic books, movies, or even on television. Another reason I like Catwoman is because she in my opinion is an anti hero and was able to live by her own rules without the assist of Batman by her side. I feel it would be really cool to see her in the DC Cinematic Universe. The actress I would really like to see take on the role is:

Kate Beckinsale:

I truly have a crush on Kate Beckinsale, and even though I haven't seen all the Underworld films she stars in, I still love seeing her regardless. I may not have seen all the Underworld films yet, but I've seen a good portion of a few of them, and I really do like what she does in those films. Kate has definitely shown that she can take on the role of Catwoman just based on her work playing the character Selene in the Underworld movies. Kate has also talked about playing the role of Catowoman before, and although nothing was confirmed, I would still love to see her get the role. Kate Beckinsale is most definitely a great actress no doubt, and I feel she would do a great job playing Catwoman in the DC Cinematic Universe. Here's a link to her talking about the character Catwoman.

The next character I've had interest in seeing on the big screen is:

Poison Ivy:

Poison Ivy is mostly known to be a super-villain who has the ability to control plants. She is also known to be able to use toxins from plants and pheromones to control other people to do what she wants. I'll admit that poison ivy is definitely a cool character despite being a villain. She has the ability to control some of the environment around her, and use it as a weapon. Even though Poison Ivy is a villain, I still think she is one of the coolest characters in the DC universe, and I would really like to see her make an appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe. The actress I think would fit the role really well is:

Bryce Dallas Howard:

I've seen Bryce Dallas Howard in a few films such as, Spiderman 3 and Terminator Salvation, and in both films I thought she was great. I'm also really excited for her new film, Jurassic World, as well! I think the film is going to be great, and I like the fact that it is a continuation of the original Jurassic Park trilogy. I think Bryce, will do a great job if given the role of Poison Ivy, because she not only has the look of the character, but I feel she can handle the role of Poison Ivy based on the other roles I've already seen her play. I feel she is a great actress, and I would be really happy if she got the role of Poison Ivy, and was to appear in the DC Cinematic Universe. Here's a link to the trailer of her new movie, Jurassic World if you haven't seen it already.

The last character I want to mention is a character I have already mentioned in my last post, and she is once again:

Kara Zor-El/Supergirl:

Now, I've already stated how I feel about the character Supergirl, and if you want to know what I think of the character Supergirl, check out this link right here:

Although in my last post, I chose Emma Watson as my choice of Supergirl, I also had another actress in mind, and I also feel she can take on the role just as well. The actress I had in mind for the role is:

Marie Avgeropoulos:

Marie Avgeropoulos is an actress who plays, Octavia Blake in the CW television series The 100. I myself haven't seen enough of The 100, yet, and i will watch the full series when I get the chance, but I did come across seeing her in one scene of an episode of the show which I thought was cool. Based on the scene I saw her in I really thought she was great because of how her character didn't give up, and displayed courage, and because of that clip I saw, I thought she would be an awesome Supergirl on the big screen if given the chance. I feel she could do a great job playing the role of Supergirl. I believe she is definitely a great actress, and I wish her the best in the rest of her career. Here's a link to a clip I saw from The 100, that made me feel Marie Avegeropoulos would make a great Supergirl. Link:

That's the end of my second post, and who I would love to see cast in the DC Cinematic Universe. I hope I did a great job, and I hope you all liked it. Feel free to comment your thoughts on my fan casting, and I will consider making another post in the future concerning the DC Cinematic Universe. I hope everyone has a great day!


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