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One of the most bizarre films to come out this year,Unfriended seems to be targeting a certain demographic in order to assure it's success. Unfriended may seem like an average found footage horror film but it actually represents much more than that. Unfriended could be the continuation of a massive wave of social media related horror films and because social media plays a huge factor in this films style and production.

1. Use of Social media

In this age of social media we see more and more advertising online and on many websites. Unfriended gives this film the opportunity to launch a cyber campaign to further promote the film and make sure that it reaches those who would be interested in seeing this kind of film.Since this movie is playing on the horror elements of social media this could provide a chilling and entertaining experience for the viewers.

2.Target demographic

This film is clearly trying to target young adults and those who use social media on almost a constant basis. The use of Skpe in the film helps make this clear since Skpe is the #1 form of face to face interaction software. This film is basically an Ad for Skype with a horror blend thrown in for good measure. It wouldn't be surprising if the Creators of Skpe got inspired to create a new feature that takes elements from this film( the possibilities).

3. Could become a legacy film or a cult classic

It is unclear if Unfriended will become a hit at the box-office but it sure does have the makings of a cult classic that could be cherished for years by a small group of people who throw parties and gather in a basement to watch this film once a year( too soon? ).The trailer for the film has been received well by a few but shunned by many so this film could end up in the cult classic camp based on that observation alone.


will you be watching Unfriended when it comes out?


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