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It has been confirmed that Andrew wont play as Peter Parker/Spiderman in Marvel Cinematic Universe :( :(

I know it's sad for the others who liked Andrew as Peter Parker/Spiderman.

When I searched about Andrew Garfield in google and i saw that Spidey will be in MCU and Andrew wont be Spiderman anymore and when i heard that I actually almost broke my laptop and said to myself that this isn't true right but it was true so i went outside and cried to the floor for 2 hours and my Mom called me and said that Why are you crying? Because Andrew wont be Spidey anymore :( :( . Then my mom said that its ok he will have other movies to come and i said ok. So I went back to the laptop and every time i see that news i really get sad.

But when i think that he will have other movies to come i was like Yes!!! And i started to hate Spiderman. I realized that Spiderman isn't true and i think he is one of the weakest hero that I ever seen. I also realized that super heroes are not true and they only make comics and movies so the kids will be happy. I think that you could be a hero without a suit and without powers. You could be a hero by being a good person or teaching a child to be a good person.

In school we have like an activity and we help Grade 1 kids. So we read them a story and asked them questions in a paper about the story. We also have an activity in school where 4 of my batch classmate go there and we eat there our recess and lunch and my batchmate's where only sitting and i was talking to the kids. I really want to be a good person to the kids because Andrew was a good person to the kids so i learned something with Andrew. Maybe without Andrew i wont talk to the kids and i will be a bad person to them.

Anyway so I do hate Spiderman anymore because the only thing that I like about Spiderman is Andrew. When Andrew was Peter Parker/Spiderman he made Peter a true person and he made Peter aka Spiderman braver.

So Spiderman will join [Marvel](channel:932254) and he will have a reboot in 2017. So i dont care of Spidey anymore and for your information i wont watch any Spidey movies and other movies anymore. I will just watch Andrew Garfield movies.

In my opinion no one will be much better than Andrew and for me he will always be the best Peter aka Spiderman and the perfect and for the comments who disagree i will say that this is my opinion and no one will change it.

I will promise to myself that Andrew Garfield will forever be my idol or role model in my whole life that's a promise!!!!


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