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Archie R Spires have to be mad in this kind of business.
-Alexander Luthor

"Machiavellian" doesn't begin to describe the CEO and President of LexCorp.
Watching his eyes you get a sensation that you have been weighed, valued, and found lacking before you've even spoken.
I can't help but wonder what drives that kind of mind...

Comic Book Illuminati:
The press paints you as a criminal madman and the world's greatest business acumen: Between those two extremes I hope we can find the real Alexander Luthor.

What do you say to these accusations and praises?

Alexander Luthor:
Well, "businessman", I do agree with that. After my father died, LexCorp's stocks were at the bottom. I took it from there at the bottom and built it back up, and that was in my preteens. As for being a "mad": You have to be mad in this kind of business.

Comic Book Illuminati:
I certainly can't argue with that.

Your father's death is still being regarded as a mystery...
Do you have any thoughts on that?
It's not often you get to ask one of the leading thinkers on Earth about an unsolved case so close to them.

Alexander Luthor:
I wouldn't know. Frankly it doesn't matter. Lionel only cared about one thing, and that was money. If they find it, fine.
If not, oh well: I still sleep well at night.

Comic Book Illuminati:
What's your opinion on the costumed heroes and villains that are becoming more and more active?

Alexander Luthor:
I think they either have a minority complex, or just insane. First this so called "Superman" comes in. You know he says he is actually from space? [Laughs].
A man in a gas mask, and gas gun in New York, a woman in golden armor with a "magical rope"?
I heard a rumor there is a guy dressed as a bat [Laughs]. Frankly, they need help. I would love to send some money to help them.

Comic Book Illuminati:
That's very magnanimous of you.

Have you given any thoughts to returning to public office?

Alexander Luthor:
I actually have thought about it. Hopefully in the near future you can see "President Lex" posters everywhere.

Comic Book Illuminati:
With strong leanings towards immigration and public mental health policies, of course.

I guess I have one last question, Mr. Luthor.
Do you wash your hands after going to the restroom?

Alexander Luthor:
[Laughs] Of course.

Alexander Luthor


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