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The world of Disney is one that I still cherish. As a child, there wasn't a single one of their films that the family didn't own, and I made a habit of re-watching the hell out of all of them. Naturally in my youth, I couldn't tell which one was bad or good, each one had an effect on me and always left a lasting impression in some shape or form.

Now of course, I see some of the issues that a few of the films may have suffered from. However, that doesn't really make an impact on whether I'd like to see them in Kingdom Hearts 3 or not on its release date. I'd kinda like to see all of them. But according to a few different sites, these are the most disliked Disney movies. Let us know if you agree with the outlook and whether you'd like to see these worlds and characters in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Who will we see in Kingdom Hearts 3?
Who will we see in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Disliked Disney Worlds & Characters

Disney has been making films since 1937. That's a lot of years and a tremendous amount of films to draw from for a video game. Square Enix are certainly going to have their work cut out for them when it comes to making this the penultimate adventure in the Kingdom Hearts series. But even though these Disney worlds and their characters may not be as highly regarded as others, some of them would be more than welcome in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Dinosaur (2000)

Dinosaur isn't exactly the most well received title in the Disney franchise. In fact, a lot of people found the movie to be pretty awful. However, I feel that a Dinosaur world in Kingdom Hearts 3 would actually be pretty great. With a host of various interesting characters and the opportunity to wander around the prehistoric lands of our world with Sora, Goofy and Donald, I think this disliked Disney adventure would be a great addition for Square Enix to consider!

Dinosaur in Kingdom Hearts 3
Dinosaur in Kingdom Hearts 3

Make Mine Music (1946)

This is a rather unusual entry into the world of Walt Disney. The film is a compilation of some of the most famous classical pieces, incorporated into short segments throughout the film. While a lot of the film isn't exactly very memorable, the sequences which follow Willie the Whale and Peter and the Wolf are pretty great!

I for one would love to see a world in Kingdom Hearts 3 that could incorporate some of the great classical pieces of the ages! Especially Prokofiev's Peter and the Wolf, I mean the segment in Make Mine Music was narrated by David Bowie!!! Let us know if you've seen this one in the comments and whether you think it'd be a good idea for a world in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Make Mine Music in Kingdom Hearts 3
Make Mine Music in Kingdom Hearts 3

The Black Cauldron

While the film may have a bit of a cult following nowadays, this Disney classic was pretty poorly received, to the extent that Disney actually disowned the film for many years. However, with the presence of a terrifying villain voiced by John Hurt, and characters like Gurgi, I think it'd be pretty nice to see the cult following of this film recognised in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Robin Hood

What?! This is disliked?! Really? I can't even begin to count how many times I watched this film as a child! I found it absolutely hilarious. The relationship between the King and his pet snake Hiss never failed to amuse. There were great villains, some fun music and a Disney world that would blend quite well into the universe of Kingdom Hearts.

Robin Hood in Kingdom Hearts 3
Robin Hood in Kingdom Hearts 3

So what do you think Kingdom Hearts fans? Would you like to see these Dinsey worlds and characters appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 on its release date? Are there any other disliked Disney films you'd like to see represented? Let us know in the comments below! Kingdom Hearts 3 is still without a release date, but will make its way onto the XBOX One and PS4 hopefully in 2016!


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