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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
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Aah Wondercon, one of the perennial purveyors of all things nerdery. It never fails to deliver bundles of fun, the odd cheeky film reveal and, naturally, incredible cosplay, which is no mean feat for San Diego Comic-Con's little sister with the indie sensibilities.

Hundreds, even thousands of cosplayers descended upon Anaheim's Convention Center to pay colorful and majestically meticulous respects to some of the greatest slices of entertainment and fandoms our little world has to offer. Some mind blowing, some ingeniously original and some just downright hot!

Like this obligatory paring of two Disney stalwarts: Frozen and Star Wars. Take one iconic slave outfit from Return of the Jedi, combine it with one ice queen and what do you get...?

Slave Elsa

Good enough to melt the heart of any ice bound grouch. I think the Rebels would have stood a better chance of winning the Battle of Hoth with her onboard. Or just be distracted by, you know... this incredibly revealing outfit.

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And just in case you were wondering "what about Anna or Han?"

Anna Solo

Evidently there is no Leia without Han and no Elsa would be complete without her Anna. This cosplay is ace, I'd love to see someone tackle this idea in an animation.

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I had no idea that you could mix Frozen with so many other great IP's! Could Elsa be fast becoming the Queen of Nerdery? It's a close call.

Since you're still here, should we have a look at a few other Elsa cosplays? Why not, right?


The beautiful Suicide Girl model has added her ten cents to the realms of sexy Elsa cosplays.

Lindsay Elyse

Steampunking anything usually results in an awesome cosplay, and Lindsay Elyse shows off her steampunk Elsa in stunning fashion. That gear snowflake is an awesome touch!


Here's a brilliant take on a Frozen x Star Wars crossover cosplay. Sith Elsa would make an unstoppable foe. Great work.

What did you make of these?

Have I missed out on any outstanding Elsa crossover cosplays? Throw your favorites in the comments below!


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