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Welcome the brilliant world of German illustrator Uwe De Witt's imagination; a world in which Marvel's most famous heroes and villains decided to pack in the 9-to-5 grind of saving the world and pursue their musical ambitions instead.

What if Iron Man recorded a melancholic Keane album? What if Spider-Woman decided to trade all of her integrity for record sales by making a Nicki Minaj record? The answers to these timeless questions lie just beneath this text. So, what are you waiting for inter-dimensional internet traveller? Scroll down!

Spider-Woman / Nicki Minaj

Title Track: Sticky Situation

I wonder if Spider-Man would be game for a cheeky minaj à trois...

Ultron / Aerosmith

Title Track: Just Push That Red Button Marked 'Destroy'

Just like Ultron, Aerosmith harbors secret plans for the extinction of the human race. Why else did his song play over Armageddon?

Iron Man / Keane

Title Track: (My Suit's Got) Flashing Lights

I'd have put my money on Iron Man producing a hypnotic techno album, but I guess alt-rock is more up Stark's street.

Joker / Lady Gaga

Title Track: Bat Bromance

I'm not sure which of these two has the most outrageous dress sense - next to Gaga, the anarchic super-villain looks comparatively sane.

Ghost Rider / The Beatles

Title Track: Here Comes the Son (of Barton Blaze)

A newcomer to British traffic laws, Ghost Rider became confused as to which side of the road he was supposed to drive on. To be safe, he opted for the middle.

Nightcrawler / Moby

Title Track: Why Does My Tail Feel So Bad

I've often suspected Moby of possessing the power of teleportation - his head always looks just a little too round to be totally human...

Venom / Red Hot Chili Peppers

Title Track: Suck My Kiss, Spidey!

Although Venom seems to have a little more in common with Gene Simmons than Anthony Kiedis, there's no denying this toxic album cover has style!

Dr. Doom / Dr. Dre

Title Track: Nuthin' But A 'Doom' Thang

Which one of these well-known medical practitioners would you let operate on your body? If you chose Dr. Doom or Dr. Dre, then congratulations: you are now dead. Neither have an official degree in medicine.

Daredevil / West Side Story

Title Track: Maria...and Matt Murdock

I smell a hit West End production on the horizon...

Magneto / The Police

Title Track: Spirits in the Metallic World

Uwe De Witt's clever twist on this iconic album cover is truly inspired!

[Source: Tumblr]


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