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Batman characters AND cosplay?! A match made in Gotham City it seems.

Here's a few of your favorite Batman characters and they look good!


The Caped Crusader gets the feminine touch.

Batgirl 1966

Homage to Yvonne Craig in the original TV series.


She fights crime AND wears killer boots.


Batman's counterpart takes centre stage.


Looking Rockin'...Robin (sorry)



Poison Ivy

Giving Uma Thurman a run for her money.

Also with a Steam Punk twist.

The Riddler

Riddle me this, riddle me that, have you ever seen a Riddler costume that looks as good as that?

The Joker

This city deserves a better class of cosplay costume. And the Joker is gonna give it to them.

Harley Quinn

Bet Batman and The Joker would deeply regret spurning her advances if they saw this.

Sascha Bordeaux

Bruce Wayne's old bodyguard has vamped it up.


The most stylist vigilante in Gotham.

Cheyenne Freemont (Nightwing)

Being a fashion designer she's bound to have a great costume.

The Huntress

Surely she would be cold patrolling the city of Gotham dressed like that?!

The Spoiler

There is nothing spoiling this costume (sorry)


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