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Umm... are you going to drink that Skooma?
Marlon McDonald

Sailor Moon is one of Japan's most loved exports, with legions of fans vying to create cosplay and artwork in honor of its mind-bendingly colorful 'magical girl' adventures.

Here's a quick little round-up of some of the coolest Sailor Moon fan art I've seen floating around on the web. If you're a massive fan, I dare say you won't be disappointed...

1. Sailor Venus

by RedreevGeorge

2. Serenity

by serafleur

3. Sailor Moon War

by sunmomo

4. The Sailor Scout

by Sasha Mutch

5. Selling Propane By Daylight

by TheSteveYurko

6. Sailor Moon Redesigned

by Odera Igbokwe

7. Disney Scouts

by CdubbArt

8. Dark Side of the Sailor Moon

by Rabbit

9. We Are (Not) Soldiers

by JEI


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