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Listen up Doctor Who fans and take a much-needed, long breath of relief for the British sci-fi cult hit is not going anywhere for quite some time.

Steven Moffat revealed the fantastic news, implying that the series will continue for at least five more seasons. Well, actually the exact words used by the showrunner and executive producer were:

“I thought it would last 10 years. I didn’t think it would last 10 years with BBC Worldwide trying to get me in a room to talk about their plan for the next five years!”

He then went on further to clarify this statement:

“It’s going to do a minimum of 15. I mean, it could do 26!"

Wow, that is definitely a decent enough time to soak in all that spinning TARDIS action! If going by what Moffat has to say, then the series will stay afloat until at least 2020, right?

Steven Moffat is the executive producer of the show
Steven Moffat is the executive producer of the show

He called the rating "extraordinary" and gushed at the fact that after 10 years, the show's rating still remain high.

Ben Stephenson, head of BBC Drama, confirmed this:

“Because it’s such an amazing format, because you can constantly revive it and reimagine it, then as long as the people looking after it are passionate about it and the BBC is passionate about it, there’s absolutely no reason why it can’t do another 50 years.”

Five years, fifteen years or fifty, who cares as long as the rebooted series isn't throwing in the towel any time soon.



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