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With the recent flurry of activity surrounding Deadpool's upcoming solo movie - one increasingly reaching blizzard-like levels - it perhaps isn't too surprising that we're seeing a whole lot of leaked footage of the movie. After all, the movie doesn't have a whole lot to hide in terms of casting or plot twists, and could use all the name-recognition expansion and general news attention it can get. For a spine-tingling reminder of that footage, check it out again:

The sheer extent of leaked footage, though, seems to suggest that the good people of Vancouver have a natural gift for sneaking awesome glimpses of movies which film there.

Case in point?

We've Now Got a Whole Lot of Looks at Deadpool

Y'see, Ryan Reynolds has been shooting an extensive scene on Vancouver's Georgia Viaduct, and there many...

And that's saying nothing of the VIDEO:

No, wait, sorry. VIDEOS:

Just...a whole lot of videos:

And, of course, there's these ridiculously high quality images:

Featuring Deadpool shooting things:

Preparing to stab things:

Staring into space:

Wearing a suit:

And, of course, making pancakes (off screen):

The best part of all of this?

The freeway-set shoot seems to suggest that we'll soon be seeing a big screen version of this already iconic test footage:

Which'd be AWESOME.

What do you think, though?

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