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Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) may be over, but luckily that doesn't mean we're destined to months and months devoid of any appearances from our favorite actors. This weekend during the Weekend Update segment of [Saturday Night Live](series:788145) everyone's favorite crossbow shooting redneck, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) made a special cameo appearance!

Following the season finale, Colin Jost interviews Pete Davidson (the "resident young person") to ask what he thought about the final episode of Season 5. After rambling about his concerns over being stoned during a future zombie apocalypse, Davidson was shot in the chest by an arrow straight from the crossbow of one Daryl Dixon!

Dixon, thinking that he'd just put down a walker, told Jost that he was pretty lucky to escape with his life, only to be told that Davidson wasn't a walker, he was just stoned! The whole thing was pretty hilarious, check out the highlights and then watch the whole clip at the bottom of the article:

It started off with an interview from Peter Davidson, "resident young person"

Pete talked about his concern over an apocalypse before he was hit in the chest by an arrow...

Shot by none other than Daryl Dixon!

Dixon had mistaken a stoned Davidson for a zombie

Daryl tells him that he'll be fine (and he wants some of his weed) and the two leave

I love this, best Weekend Update ever! Now if only we didn't have to wait more than 6 months for another fix of Daryl Dixon when Season 6 of The Walking Dead premiers in October!

Watch the segment below:

Source: Comicbook


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