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Universal is advancing stalled plans for a remake of Scarface. The Hollywood Reporter (THR) recently broke the news.

In the original, 1932 Scarface, Paul Muni played Tony Camonte, an Italian gangster caught up in the Chicago whiskey bootlegging scene. Al Pacino played Tony Montana in the 1983 version, as a Cuban refugee on the streets of Miami who becomes a Bolivian Marching Powder trafficking lord.

According to the latest news, the third Scarface will see Tony as a Mexican caught up in the Los Angeles crime scene.

Plans for Scarface 3.0 have been afoot for a number of years but there are still several major objectives needing completion before film rolls.

First a rewrite of the script is in order. THR reports that Straight Outta Compton scribe Jonathan Herman will redo the screenplay. According to Sandy Schaefer of, there are two existing Scarface remake scripts.

Second, and arguably most important, there is no confirmed lead yet. Further complicating matters is that the producers and studio claim to be wholly committed to cast an authentic, multicultural and multilingual Latino as the newest Tony.

They also assert a willingness, if need be, to go with an unknown actor for the lead.

Chilean Filmmaker Pablo Lorrain will direct the film. He is a relative unknown in the United States and, according to, his current film commitments will keep him busy throughout 2015.

Given the snail’s pace with which the remake’s plans have moved, it is highly unlikely that production will start before 2016 at the earliest.

Further, while the producers are to be admired for their commitment to authenticity in casting, will it hurt them at the box office if they truly do go with an anonymous talent as the new Tony?

The original.
The original.

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