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If you were in any doubt as to whether Deborah Ann Woll - previously most famous for her role in True Blood - has it in her to bring one of Marvel Comics' most iconic characters to the screen, then stop worrying: she seems to have this covered. Woll, who's set to play the perenially troubled Karen Page in Netflix and Marvel's soon to arrive series Daredevil, has spoken out about why the story is so personal to her - and in the process, revealed a whole lot about why she'll make for a great Karen Page.

Speaking to Nylon magazine (alongside the accompanying photo-shoot, scattered throughout), Woll was asked whether her real life experience of disability - her boyfriend, EJ Scott, has the degenerative eye disease choroideremia, which is causing him to rapidly lose his sight - impacted upon her taking the role of Daredevil's traditional love interest. As she put it:

"It’s not too coincidental...I would be lying if I didn’t say that I’m personally interested in stories about disabilities being out there. Because EJ’s a comic book fan, and Daredevil is a blind character, there’s no better fit for me."

Meanwhile, that same awareness of the importance of the part seems to have seeped through to her performance, with Woll clearly having an impressively in-depth understanding of the role, and Karen's comic-book origins:

"She went through all kinds of mutations...She starts out [in the ’60s] very Leave It to Beaver—a little stereotypically feminine—then [later], she becomes a heroin addict and does some pornography and sells out Daredevil to the bad guy for some drugs, gets clean, and gets back together with him, and then she dies."

Not, though, that she had any interest in playing Karen in so simple a fashion. Instead, she combined both the light and the dark into a more intriguing whole:

"There’s this old idea that women in men’s stories are either Madonnas or whores, and she is both, but at different times...What I ended up doing, and what Marvel was trying to do, was to merge those two. She doesn’t have to be a Madonna or a whore—she can be good and bad all at once, which is more modern."

Which perhaps explains why Karen looks set to be getting up to a whole lot of mischief - in the best possible cause. As Woll puts it:

"In the same way that Matt Murdock can’t abide the corruption and the mistreatment of people in his city, neither can Karen...She’s throwing punches—she uses the law and the media—but she’s working toward the same goal. There’s a bit of a demon in her. Part of her needs to have an adrenaline rush; she’s not a damsel in distress. Someone said to me, ‘Karen keeps getting in trouble.’ I said, ‘No, she is trouble."

Which...sounds awesome. The main take-away from all of that, though?

Daredevil's arrival this coming Friday can't come soon enough...

I mean...just look at it!

What do you think, though?



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