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(Note: Large, burly SPOILERS for The Flash lie below...)

Now, with the CW's superhero shows taking a week off, it seemed safe to assume that we weren't going to see a whole lot of everyone's favorite crimson-clad speedster in the next few days. Thankfully, though - that assumption was very, very wrong. Y'see, not only do we already have an early glimpse of next week's episode of The Flash - 'All-Star Team Up' - but we finally have a good look at a very special guest star.

Y'see, 'All-Star Team Up' isn't just set to feature Felicity Smoak and The Atom (the guest-starring Emily Bett Rickards and Brandon Routh)...

It's also going to guest star one of The Walking Dead's most beloved characters: Beth.

Aka, her.
Aka, her.

That's right, Emily Kinney is on her way to The Flash...

And, as it just so happens, we have the trailer for that particular episode right here:

The thing is, though - good as it is to see a straight up trailer for the episode, there's...not actually a whole lot in there.

The newly released WonderCon trailer for the show, on the other hand...That sucker's practically bursting with stuff you absolutely, positively have to see:

Like, for instance:

A Pretty Fantastic Look at Emily Kinney in Action...

As the distinctly villainous - and very un-Beth - Bug-Eyed Bandit...

With her chosen weapon - bees. And, as Cisco puts it:

"Why Did It Have to Be Bees?"

My personal favorite moments from the trailer, though? Well, in order of increasingly ridiculous excitement:

This Kiss


This Team-Up

Though I'm still hoping Batman's just to the left of the picture...

And, of course:

This Gorilla


And...if the good folks over at the CW could just go ahead and accidentally release all of that right now, that'd be swell...

What do you think, though?



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