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Kit Simpson Browne

Now, with Arrow taking a week off, we're set for a longer wait than usual for our regular dose of Oliver Queen-infused DC comics awesomeness - but that doesn't mean we need despair.

After all, not only will the show return next week - presumably in a shiny and refreshed manner, after its well-earned breather - but from the looks of it, what we're about to see is a whole lot of awesome.

Specifically, a bona fide superhero movie legend is set to make an appearance as the old-school DC villain Deathbolt - and he's about to claim a true Arrow first: He'll be the first metahuman villain to appear in the show.

The Actor in Question?

Doug Jones, a.k.a. Hellboy's Abe Sabien...

A.k.a. Deathbolt

An electro-kinetically powered supervillain who originated back in the '80s All-Star Squadron #21...

Who's Going to Take on The Atom, It Seems

Seeing as they're clearly in the same room...

And...He Looks Set To Do Pretty Well For Himself

Though How Lance Fits In...

May well be another story altogether...

Which May Be Bad News for the Gang

Though, honestly - at this point, what isn't?

Either way though, if next Wednesday could do us all a favor and hurry up already, that'd be great...

And, in fact, for that matter, the whole rest of the season could just somehow arrive now, maybe?

I mean...c'mon...

What do you think, though?



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