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Call of Duty fans worldwide are stumbling upon many a Treyarch breadcrumb trail that seems to lead to Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 being the next most likely installment!

Monday saw the introduction of some very strange images appearing throughout Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 multiplayer maps. These images are hidden on posters and the in game billboard type advertisements.

The recent game update has made no other changes to the gameplay but seem to suggest an almost easter egg type clue to the development of their latest Call of Duty project.

The clear Snapchat ghost leads fans to believe that a tantalizing viral campaign will soon be revealed. If you scan this ghost into your Snapchat it will link you with the official [Call Of Duty](movie:1068472) account.

Once inside the account you can find the second of the cryptic clues. A ten second black and white, trippy video. The video provided below, shows the sun shinning through an unknown forest. As the video pans through this eerie scenery an unfamiliar voice speaks, "Listen only to the sound of my voice". At the end of the video a lone tree stands center stage.

What does it all mean?

In all honesty I do not know. What we can consider is that the voice that speaks is not the voice of any previous Call of Duty character. The eye is not recognisable as any previous Call of Duty character. The name on the tip of my tongue is Mason!

The forest could almost represent a World War 2 environment. We may see an almost nostalgic look into the past and play through the story of Masons war torn family tree. Maybe another hint into the involvement of the illuminati?

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Source video: Drift0r


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