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Netflix is not holding back after its official launch in the Australian market on March 24.

Australians have been quite excited since last year when Netflix, Inc. first announced that it would be launching its services in Australia and New Zealand in the following year. From that time, the ‘Kangaroos’ and the ‘Kiwis’ are pumped up and thrilled to have this service already in their regions. As the time passed on, the company announced that it would officially launch its services in the regions on March 24. However, prior to its launch in Australia, it already has more than 340,000 Australian users’ subscriptions through VPN access in the country.

Even before its launch, it was noticed that Netflix stock is establishing its business already in the new markets. Despite of the fact that it imposed a great threat to local established businesses in Australia, it planned to adopt a different strategy to captivate the market. The company should convert its competitors into friends in order to finish their businesses in the foreseeable future. The locally established companies, such as Foxtel and Stan, started to think of strategies to revamp their businesses. The local companies began to introduce new services in order to lure customers away from the rival online streaming service.

However, this made no difference for Netflix nor it affected its launch in any of these regions. The company became stronger and put up its best entertainment portfolio for the Australians. As the launch was nearing, the speculations were going around whether the Aussies will get the same online content and pricing plans as of for the people in United States. The company made it possible by offering the same categories of online content and of exactly the same price per month to the Australian viewers which got them more excited.

Already having 340,000 or more customers from the country prior to the official launch, Netflix entered Australia with a bang and its launch was more than successful. Being the giant of offering online streaming services, the company took no pressure on it despite of facing tough competition from the local companies. It stood steady and delivered what it does best.

In recent news, the company wished to become more than a service provider for the Australian users. It is very well known that internet is very expensive in the country for those users who wish to stream online movies and TV shows. Neither the carrier services are generous enough nor the companies, to put an end to metered internet. Hence, the online service is all set to make it happen for them as it wishes internet to be cheaper to stream and watch online content. If this happens, it will be a win-win situation for the company in the Australian market.


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