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There are two things in life that I have a passion for: superheroes and video games. And writing, and film, and Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones, and - okay, let me start over.

I have a great fondness for both video games and superheroes, among other things, but let's focus on the video games and superheroes for now. That being said, video games based off of superheroes are often times just terrible. There are a few exceptions that really bring light to the superhero genre in video games.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

I was initially drawn to this game because of the story. It takes place during the Civil War event, which has been one of my favorite Marvel events, closely behind the Infinity Gauntlet.

In the game, you control a team of four superheroes and villains that you use to fight past hordes of enemies and eventually take of powerful bosses. You start out with a pretty solid line-up, comprised of Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Spider-Man. After you learn the basics of the game, you are given the chance to choose from a variety of new heroes, including Cyclops, Daredevil, Thor, and of course Deadpool. Even later in the game, you unlock villains like Venom, Songbird, and Penance.

As you play through the game and level-up your heroes, you also unlock special abilities, from Wolverine's Beserker Rage to Thor's blast of lightning. This game is fun not only alone, but with friends, as it supports 4-player cooperative gameplay.

Injustice: God's Among Us

Superhero fighting games are pretty common, with popular titles like Marvel vs. Capcom to lesser known titles like X-Men: Next Dimension. The game that really takes the cake here is a relatively recent game, based on a popular DC comic series. That game, of course, is Injustice: Gods Among Us.

The game is very similar to a Mortal Kombat game, where you fight one-one-one and use a variety of combos to best your foes. You can also build up power meters to unleash destruction on your opponents in the form of character-specific finishing moves.

Speaking of characters, Injustice has a pretty massive line-up. There are the obvious heroes, like Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, along with many others like Lobo, Solomon Grundy, and Deadshot. Each character has their own advantages and disadvantages, so you'll have to try them all to find which one you're best with.

Lego Marvel Superheroes

Lego has proven to gamers that they are capable of making delightfully funny games like Lego: Star Wars and Lego: Harry Potter, but Lego Marvel Super Heroes bests them all.

The game has a massive character roster, featuring the Avengers, the Guardians of the Galaxy, the X-Men, Dr. Strange, Deadpool, Galactus, and even Howard the Duck. The games line-up is larger than any of the previous Lego games, which is quite an achievement.

My personal favorite aspect of the game is the open-world feature. All of New York is at your disposal, so you can drive the Punisher's van through Time Square, take Ghost-Rider's motel cycle for a spin in Central Park, or take a Quinjet up to the S.H.I.E.L.D. heli-carrier. The possibilities are truly endless with a game of this size.

I remember when my sister and I played a cops & robbers game, where she would play as Mystique and use her shape-shifting ability to look like a normal pedestrian. I would choose a flying character like Star-Lord or Iron Man to track her down and shoot her before she escaped. That was just a taste of the fun I had with this game!

Spider-Man 2

Speaking of open-world and fun, Spider-Man is the game that I spent the most time on with my Gamecube. Yes, that means more than Majoras Mask and Super Smash Bros.

In the game, you live out the second installment in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy. You get to beat up thugs, rush to make it to Mary Jane's plays, and of course fight Doc Ock. Even after you finish the story, you can do various side-quests like delivering pizzas and saving helpless civillians. If you've ever wanted to see what it feels like to be a web-slinger, this is the game for you!

Batman: Arkham City

This one should come as no surprise to you. With all the Batman games to be produced over the years, the Arkham series pleased hardcover gamers with its unique combat mechanisms, the array of gadgets, and the overall dark, gritty feel.

Arkham City is the second game of the franchise, and is, in my opinion, the best one. Not only do you encounter nearly every Batman villain jmaginabke, but you can swap back and forth from Batman to Catwomam, for those who want to try out both agility and strength.

As this game is open-world as well, there is a momumental amount of unlockables to be found throughout the game in the form of Riddler's trophies that are scattered around the map.

Not to mention, if you purchase the DLC, you unlock a whole new story where you play as Robin to save Batman, who is being held captive by Harley Quinn. Now doesn't that sound intense?

What are your favorite superhero games? Let me know in the comments below!


What's your favorite superhero game?


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