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The world of fan art in general is ever-giving...the world of Deadpool fan art is almost never-ending and this can only be a good thing!

As the hype surrounding the upcoming film, helmed by none other that Ryan Reynolds, reaches fever pitch, it only feels appropriate this Fan Art Friday, to share some of the most awesome Deadpool crossover fan art out there.

Marco D'Alfonso is a Toronto based artist who has mastered the art of crossover with these incredible Deadpool mashups!

1. Deadpool In Disneyland

So...many...traumatized children that day! Although, let's face it, Boba Fett and Deadpool?! What an awesome buddy film that would be! The ultimate bromance!

2. Deadpool In Wonderland

I can't even comprehend the amount of chaos there would be in this scenario.

3. Deadpool and Dumber

"We got no food, we got no jobs, Deadpool's head keeps falling off!"

4. Deadpool and....The Notebook

Now this is a Notebook film I would watch! Harley and Deadpool? What a match!

5. Deadpool vs. Predator

I know who I've got my money on and it's not the big scary alien with the oh so fancy dreadlocks...

6. The Walking Deadpool

If zombies had one thing to fear (can zombies even fear?) would be the Merc with the Mouth!

7. Deadpool Invades Animation

Nice to see Deadpool teaming up with a Disney cast member rather than pummeling his head, even if they are looting what looks like Walt's private Swiss bank account.

8. A Deadpool on Elmstreet

Possibly Freddy's ultimate matchup? I have a feeling even he would tire of killing after a whole week of being up against the Merc!

9. Winte....Deadpool is coming

A bodyguard that cant die, eh? It's perfect!

10. Natural Born Killers

Reunited again in what would make one of the biggest bloodbaths on screen!

If you want to check out more of Marco D'Alfonso's artwork check out his pages here and here.

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