ByBrad Dee, writer at

Earth 2 World's End #26: After 26 weeks, we finally are at the end of World's End, and it ends with the end. As with most weeklies, this series was going to either end with a whimper or a thunderstrike. In actuality,it ends with both. The issue is mostly a "no-holds barred" battle between the heroes of Earth 2 and Darkseid and his forces. Who survives and what will be left of the Earth by the end of the battle is the main question. But, the true issue and the true storyline has mostly been about the evolution of Alan Scott from a Green Lantern of Earth 2 into a avatar of the green for all the Earth's in the multiverse. The emotion in this issue as he accepts his new responsibility and what he must give up to get that power is one of the most emotional scenes in this entire series.

But, with so much happening in the span of this extra-sized issue, confusion is bound to happen. And, that's exactly what does happen. People will end up doing a double-take on some of the pages thinking you missed something, when you really didn't. Characters will just appear and disappear in the issue with no explanation of what exactly is happening. But, the true problem with this issue is that it isn't even a conclusion, and is just a "downer" that leads into Convergence and the upcoming Earth 2 book starting in June. I would like to say I enjoyed this issue, or this entire set, but it was way to jumbled and mostly boring to enjoy. I give the conclusion a 4 out of 10, and the entire set a 5 out of 10.


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