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When envisioning a park, you usually think about the bright green grass beneath your shoes, the wafting smell of flowers, and the breeze rustling through your hair. Monkey bars, space ships, and tall towers were just a few of the joyous structures I personally enjoyed climbing as a kid.

Whether intentional or not, this particular park in the U.K. is just plain old scary. Parks are meant to be a peaceful and fun place for kids to release some energy and get some exercise. This park was designed to scare the diapers off children and induce horrifying nightmares.

Shrek is a Wreck

Shrek appears to have stayed up multiple nights after a night of serious drugs and partying. Those teeth don't look like they belong to a mouth meaning to greet children, but rather one with the intention of eating them.

Shrek has lost his glowing round face and instead his face is becoming incredibly sunken in. Shrek could also use a massive fixer-upper starting with a paint job.

Scared Shrekless About Donkey

Donkey is also a mess, complete with rusted teeth and busted ears. He also looks like he's eaten more than a few children just moments before this exact picture was taken.

I thought Shrek needed some massive dental work, but I take that back. Donkey definitely takes the lead. Some floss and a few teeth whitening sessions could really do the trick.

Also included amongst the meth-fueled nightmare that is Shrek and Donkey were such recognizable figures as Bart Simpson...

...And Po from the Teletubbies. As if the Teletubbies weren't trippy enough as is.

You couldn't pay me to play at this park, even now as an adult. Possessed Shrek and Donkey don't sound like my cup of tea at all.

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