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Ever since watching [The Babadook](movie:1194465) last year, I've been craving more domestic horror movies that play with the psychology of the family. It was filmed back in 2013, but based on this new trailer, [The Harvest](movie:782559) is a natural follower in that tradition.

Tense and terrifying, the movie follows a young girl named Maryann who moves in with her grandparents and meets a neighbor who's fatally ill. The boy's mother outright opposes their friendship, but Maryann persists and uncovers some dark truths the family's been hiding.

After premiering at a few film festivals in 2014, we've been waiting for a release date for a while now. IFC Midnight recently announced that the movie will be available OnDemand starting on April 10th, so start planning your Friday! In anticipation, check out the newest trailer below.

Here's how the dark tale of misguided parenting breaks down.

Maryann moves to a new town

Missing her old life, she wanders off and happens upon her first new friend.

Andy is a sickly boy who's bedridden

But the pair hit it off immediately, and it's clear that Maryann has an affectionate interest in Andy, almost like siblings.

But Andy's mother is a little unhinged

She commands Maryann to stay away from her son. Meanwhile, as a doctor, she discusses the proper doses for her son's quickly worsening condition, and it's clear she may not have his best intentions at heart.

Her bizarre behavior only makes Maryann persist

And she discovers some deeply disturbing clues. Could this couple really have kidnapped a child and raised it to be totally dependent on them?

Andy's father appears to pull away

He defeatedly says, "All we do is exist to sustain him," and he clearly begins to have doubts about whatever his wife's plan is.

"He doesn't exist to you"

This is what Andy's father tells Maryann. Is this a psychological break or a thinly veiled threat?

"Help me"

No matter his parents' intentions, Andy's life is at stake. Maryann must unravel the mystery, but will that be enough to save Andy?

With its great adult cast (Samantha Morton and Michael Shannon) combined with impressive child actors, The Harvest looks like a must-see for me. Plus, I'm a sucker for watching movies on demand. It's hard to ignore the comfort of your own couch.

Will you be tending to The Harvest?


Are you going to be watching 'The Harvest' this weekend?


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