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It's smooshy, you can mold it into anything your heart desires, and the color palette you can pick from just doubles the enjoyment. That's right people, I am talking about Play-Doh.

Hasbro - the company which makes the gooey awesomeness - is known for turning popular children's toys into films (anybody familiar with the G.I. Joe, Ouija, and Transformers films?) and it looks like Play-Doh is the next in line to get a big screen adaptation.

So much action!
So much action!

20th Century Fox is in talks with the director of Bridesmaids, Paul Feig, and screenwriter Jason Micallef to create the world of Play-Doh. Feig is known to work often with Melissa McCarthy, casting her in his films such as The Heat, Spy, and Ghostbusters, besides Bridesmaids. Can we speculate that perhaps McCarthy has the potential to carry the Play-Doh film? I'm excited to see how this all pans out!

Speaking of Melissa, below is a hilarious clip of McCarthy from the movie Bridesmaids so that you may be reminded of her serious comedic acting chops:

So how will a Play-Doh movie play out?

With the ability to mold Play-Doh into anything, perhaps paired with McCarthy's ability to make anything and everything funny, the possibility for plot lines are endless. How about a story in which McCarthy's character is an unhappy housewife and finds an old tub of Play-Doh, which gives her the power to create whatever she wants in any moment of stress. Or a Play-Doh monster world in which a young monster sadly born without enough Play-Doh must steal Play-Doh from others in order to become scary enough to be taken seriously, yet in the process he hurts the other monsters by taking out chunks from their body parts.

I'm getting kinda emotional just thinking about it.


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