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We have heard a rumor lately going around regarding the ever-expanding Marvel Cinematic Universe to be given an additional franchise in the form of animated features. While some praise this as it allows for more creativity and possibilities for the characters, I personally have some fears against this form of the expansion. Currently we have the main Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of the films, TV series and the upcoming Netflix franchise. That isn’t all as the franchise also includes various comics that take place before and in some cases even between various films. I personally never had the possibility to read the comics and I have heard that some are better than others. Still, it is a perfect choice of media so that they can fill in various plot holes that have arisen in the first phase, but spreading the entire franchise out over too many mediums could actually cause a lot of confusion.

Let me put this in perspective with the possible plans of animated features. While direct-to-DVD films that have been made by DC Comics have proven to cater to a more mature audience, the general perception might still be that cartoons are made for children. Also, to keep up a certain level of consistency they would either require the original actors to lend their voices or find people that can replicate them. So, while using another medium allows for a more creative storytelling with integrating more comic book characters that might be “too strange” for the silver screen, like MODOK for example, there are still problems to keep a consistent tone with the rest. Furthermore, consider that some person will have to keep an overview what happens in each movie franchise, every TV show and all Netflix franchises while trying to avoid that any more inconsistencies result from this.

Netflix's upcoming Daredevil
Netflix's upcoming Daredevil

I am not trying to say that this is a bad idea, I am simply saying that it can have consequences that might affect the franchise overall. Moreover I simply feel that while I love seeing the MCU expand with new characters on the big screen, it would seem that bringing in animated films or TV series could make the bridge between each franchise much more difficult. Imagine they introduce a character like Nova through an animated film, how will they include him in the film franchises? They would require the voice actor to bring the voice back and also for him to then actually play the character on screen. From a production standpoint it simply seems much more complicated when trying to then combine all these elements to create a higher level of consistency between the various franchises.

We already have many plans up until 2020 for the films, we have no idea what else might await us beyond Agents of SHIELD or Agent Carter, and lastly we only know of the first seasons of each of the four series in the Netflix franchise. Maybe throwing in animated features might just overcrowd everything and make the life of the fans a little more confusing trying to keep everything under watch and understand what exactly is part of what franchise. This is just my opinion and Marvel has certainly proven that they know exactly what they are doing and it could be years until we actually see anything of this sort. Always good to keep an open mind, but still look at something critical to a certain extent to build up an understanding of what might be heading our way in the near future.



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