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Supernatural is without question one of today's most popular series on television. The Winchester boys and their surrogate family of the angel Castiel, the wise old friend Bobby Singer and the thorn in their sides, the king of Hell himself, Crowley have uttered some of the most memorable quotes in television history. There have been so many, it is impossible to include them all, but here is a short list of their best quotes.

Dean Winchester

Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester
Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester

Dean is usually a bit rough around the edges and dare we say, a bit goofy, but he has had some very touching, serious moments. This first quote is from one of the most heartbreaking scenes of the series thus far.

This was the first time fans got to see Dean really lose control of his emotions as he opened up to Sam about his time in Hell. Sad? Absolutely, but who does not remember this quote and that perfect one-eye-tear only Jensen can do?

This is perhaps the most quoted line from the series. A true Deanism:

Another lighthearted line from the bad boy of [Supernatural](series:200506). This one is great because it shows both Dean's cynical side and his emotional side.

Sam Winchester

Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester
Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester

This may not be the most memorable quotes for some, but the look on his face and the way that he utters that simple line is enough to make anyone laugh.

The softer side of Sammy:


It was very hard to pick just a few favorite Cas lines. Everything he says is memorable, and more times than not, very funny.

Bobby Singer

Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer
Jim Beaver as Bobby Singer

Yes, I know, he's been dead for a couple of seasons now, but Bobby was a fantastic character with a few memorable one-liners of his own. Let's remember Bobby and some of his best lines.

What Supernatural fan still pronounces it as "idiot?" I myself have a hard time not saying "idjit."

Bobby was a mean old drunk most of the time, but he also had a big heart, and he loved the boys as they were his own.

I do miss his sarcasm.


The King of Hell sure has a way with words.

Even Crowley shows emotion from time to time, not often, but sometimes.

Those were some of my favorite lines from Dean, Sam, Castiel, Bobby and Crowley. Let me know below what some of your favorite lines are.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, April 15th at 9 pm EST on The CW.


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