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Alright, I get it. For the next 10 years and probably more we're going to get saturated with comic book movies. Now, I realize that means people might get sick of them, but for right now, they're one of the few movies out there that feel original.

What do I mean by that? Well, think about what Hollywood has been doing lately. There's been remake after remakes. We have rebootquels!? Other than the book to movie trends like The Hunger Games and a few awesome original movies like Interstellar, Lucy, etc... It seems that there's been a lack of imagination among writers.

So, with that being said, comic book movies have been fantastic. I know a lot of people hated Daredevil and Elecktra but I was a kid when they came out, and they left a great message for me regardless of how bad people thought the movies were. What was that message? That if I worked hard enough, I could do anything. Forgetting the fact that they weren't considered the greatest movies of all time, at that age I remembered that Marvel produced them and because of the positive impact I took from the movies, I started reading comics.

Now, anyone who reads comics knows that the stories all vary. Many have amazing character arcs that keep people turning page to page drinking it all in. I find that the movies I most enjoy are the movies where I can actually relate to the character. That's the beauty of comic books becoming movies, you get to know the character so well, you're invested in their personality and therefore invested more into the movie.

So, what I'm trying to say is, bring on the comic book movies. I'm not at all afraid that they'll over saturate their audiences because they vary widely with many colorful personalities. So without further ado, here's my list of comics that NEED to one day become movies, or at least, TV shows .

1. The Fearless Defenders

Sadly, this series was slightly ahead of it's time. It had amazing ratings but no one knew about it due to lack of proper advertisement. It didn't make the sales, so it was cancelled after a year.

It's sad because this has been by far the best all girl team up I've read so far. All the characters were lovable in their own way. My favorite had to be Hippolyta (The girl with the blonde dreads and awesome tattoo) If they couldn't do a Fearless Defenders team up, I'd at least want to see her in a movie or TV series. But, The Defenders is coming up on Netflix and Valkyrie (another awesome character from The Fearless Defenders) was also a part of that team. So, I'd be really interested if they introduced her next season.

2. Planet Hulk and World War Hulk

Hulk SMASH!!! Not sure this one needs much explaining but this is probably the best Hulk story...Ever. I'm not going to lie, I was really hoping the rumors were true about Hulk being sent off after Age of Ultron. Though, maybe my hopes and dreams can become a reality after Civil War? Probably not, but a girl can dream!

3. Moon Knight

Though he has similarities to Batman... He actually doesn't at all. His back story is rich and intriguing (especially if you're obsessed with Egyptology like I am). Fun Fact, He was a part of the Avengers and Defenders. So, he could be an awesome bridge between the two. Just saying.

4. She-Hulk

I know not everyone finds a super ripped girl attractive but the fact is, we're not here to just be eye candy and they are beautiful in their own way. I want a RIPPED superheroine, I had hoped to see that with Wonder Woman but...That's not really going to happen*. I want She Hulk. Unlike her cousin, she's still majorly in control of herself and her intellect. I would be interested to see this dynamic with the Avengers or even just a standalone.

*That's not to say Gal Gadot won't do well, fan boys/girls. She does look okay after they CGI'd her.

5. Birds of Prey

Thought I was just a Marvel fan girl? Think again. Admittedly, I do lean more towards Marvel but I've got a soft spot for quite a few DC heroes and heroines. Right now, DC is killing it on the CW with their TV-verse. Once again, I believe Birds of Prey was ahead of it's time. We've already seen most of the characters on the hit show, Arrow. All they'd have to do is make a spin off and add in Batgirl. Or if the DCCU was daring enough... They could make it into a movie. Doubt it though. They're too preoccupied with rebooting Superman and Batman for the millionth time. (Hides under rock before the mean comments swarm around me) No, but seriously, DC will do fine once they get the Justice League up and running. Then, maybe after that, they can fulfill my hopes and dreams? No? Well, I had to try.

6. Misty Knight

Like a good detective movie? Look no further than Misty Knight. Along with her team affiliation with The Fearless Defenders, she has also been partnered with Iron Fist. If not her own movie one day, it would be awesome to see her show up somewhere in the new Iron Fist series coming up on Netflix. Though, she deserves more than just a supporting character spot. She could easily hold her own in a crime detective series and a possible Defender in the future. Another possibly cool idea that I had for her, would change her up a bit, but still be very awesome... If she joined Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as a specialist. With everything going on with Coulson's team, he could use someone like Misty Knight.

So, those are just a few of many characters that I adore. What about you? What movies, comic book or not, would you like to see?

Also, I just want to take the time to thank Marvel for making Captain Marvel as she's my favorite character. Anddd... it'd be really cool to see the new Thor in the future. Despite people's negativity toward a female Thor, she's awesome and people who have actually taken the time to read it know it.


Which would you like to see as a movie or TV series?


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