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Since it was revealed that Marvel & Sony has had deals of putting Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinimatic Universe many people hoped Dylan O'Brien would play the role. What they didn't realize: Dylan looks NOTHING like Peter Parker & would just be a carbon copy of Andrew Garfield. 16 year Nolan Gould recently expressed interest in the playing the wall crawler & here's why he deserves the part

He's looks exactly like Peter Parker

Nuff said.

He's a genius in real life.

Why is this important? It show Nolan could play nerdy.

He plays an outsider on Modern Family

Peter Parker has always been an outsider with not a lot of friends. Nolan's character on Modern Family, Luke Dunphey is very much like that. Nolan already has the genes for Peter.

He's a very comedic guy

He has been in many comedies meaning he could do all the wise cracking Spidey does. I think it's his time to shine. Who's with me?


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