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The Hollywood star Al Pacino says that the fame never really interested him and that he was surprised when it struck him.

To become rich and famous never really interested me. The only thing I was interested in was acting. I come from Bronx, and I was really unprepared. After 'The Godfather', I don't know what came over me. I didn't know who I was anymore, women were sleeping in front my door...

... said the famous actor in the interview for the French magazine Paris Match.

His love for acting dates back when he saw, as a high-school student, the play 'The Seagull' by Anton Chekhov.

He doesn't like remembering the past, "I'm living in the present time", he said.

I'm living inside my head. Wherever I am, I feel like I'm just passing by.

... said Pacino, looking around himself in an almost empty house in Los Angeles who he rented so he could be closer to twins Anton and Olivia, over whom he shares custody with his ex-partner Beverly D'Angelo.

I've been living here for eight years already, but I never really moved here because I keep telling myself every day that I'll go somewhere else. My children are my life, but my home is New York, and that's where my memories are. This here is something else.

... he said.

Pacino also talked about his new film, 'The Humbling', in which he plays the role of an older actor who falls into depression, because he isn't capable of performing anymore.

It's a story that talks about the difficulties of separating art from life. The actor, emptied from emotions, is something more of a writer who has a writer's block in front of his blank piece of paper. Often, even I, myself, think about the devastation that old age may bring. But, however, I wouldn't say that this is an autobiographical film. Maybe I look tired, but definitely I'm not depressed!

... said the 74-year-old actor.

Anyway, Pacino will always be remembered as Michael Corleone from 'The Godfather' (1972), Tony Montana from 'Scarface' (1983) or Frank Slade from 'Scent of a Woman' (1992).

This doesn't even bother Pacino:

I'm not complaining, it could have been worse.


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