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Marlene promised us, she will tell us who A is, and well she did, but she didn't did she ? After the finale big bang of desperate questions came out from fans. Who is Charles? WTF? MArlene seriously? Who the hell is charles?

Finale photo of Spencer and A a.k.a. Charles
Finale photo of Spencer and A a.k.a. Charles

Hello, please meet Charles DiLaurentis, person we have NEVER heard about even in pilot. Well obviously, according to the video Spencer watched we can propably say, that Charles is someones twin, Jason ? Andrew? Why?

Couple of theories?

1) Andrew could be Jason's twin, but so many people are ready for that, so personaly I don't think this will happen'. Andrew has to be really important, because we know his last name 'Campbell' and the camp, where were Ezra and Caleb looking for Mike was called like this, and on the video there is also Jessica in front of that barn with that weird shield.
2) Bethany Young theory, that is saying that Charles was send to Radley because he felt like he is a girl. Jessica felt asshamed that her son is like this, so she never told anybody, even Alison. Remember that yellow dress flashback? When Jessica made Alison to forget? What if that dress were for Charles who called himself Bethany?
3) The two theories are a bit logical, but this one is totally freaking Amazing! I read somewhere ( it is not from my head) that Aria and Bethany are that TWINS and the Bethany is Charles, that would mean Aria is Jessica's daughter and she is adopted in Montgomery family, this theory was created according to tweet that said: We have a new person in Montgomery family. A.M. and B.Y. -> Why would MArlene post it just like that?

All theories are so cool, but who knows how will things end? Sad thing is we have to wait for it at least till summer.

Comment your theories in comment section bellow! Kisses -A !


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