ByBrad Dee, writer at

Avengers Ultron Forever #1: With Avengers 2 coming out in a little more then a month, it's time for some Ultron propaganda to begin. What better way then a 3-issue limited series that takes place in the far future where Ultron reigns supreme. Wait.....didn't that set happen 3 years ago with "Age of Ultron"? well, it doesn't matter cause that set was terrible while this one has potential(and it only 3 parts at least). In this issue, Doctor Doom sets up a scheme to get members of the Avengers from all different timelines to the future to combat a threat that has enslaved all of humanity.

Mysteries are of course present about the identity of Doom and how he is still alive in the 25th century, but, I am sure that will be solved by the end of the set. The sole purpose of the opening chapter is to introduce us to the characters and set up the action that is bound to envelop the final 2 parts of the set. Heroes will clearly fall by the end(some do in this very issue) which shows that this storyline wil probably have no lasting effect to the overall Marvel universe(which is a shame). But, it also features some good nostalgia(such as Jim Rhodes as Iron Man, a classic look to the Hulk and a bearded Thor from the 90's). As a first issue, it serves it's purpose and wets your appetite to see what happens next.I give this issue a 7 out of 10.


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