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It's my generation's Saved By The Bell.

Although I didn't watch it when it first ran on air because I was like 3 or 4, I did start watching it when I was 14 and I totally loved it. I am so sad I couldn't watch it back then and that I didn't have this excitement every week just like the rest of the OTH's fans out there.

I remember talking to a friend of mine and she would ask me if I knew any TV series about romance, teens and drama, which pretty much sums up One Tree Hill, but at the time I didn't know OTH even existed. Then another friend of mine jumped into the conversation and said "You should watch One Tree Hill!". But this friend isn't the type of girl who enjoys watching drama and romance. She's more into adventurous and supernatural movies and tv shows. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching 'em too but I guess I prefer romance. Anyway, when the conversation ended I went home and looked it up, I wanted to learn the plot, actors and actresses, you know. It turned out that Chad Michael Murray was starring in it. You might know him from Cinderella Story with Hillary Duff, and so I started watching it right away.

After watching the plot I was totally addicted it. I thinkI watched the whole 1st season in just one day, I don't think I slept, at all (yeah, I'm that geek). The funny thing is that I started watching it for Chad but I continued it for James (Nathan, whom I absolutely love), Bethany (Haley), Hilarie (Peyton) and Sophia (Brooke).

As many of the OTH' fans, at first I was at Lucas' side, because he's the kind guy who loves his mom and shows it without really caring about others' opinion. He's the guy who has a girl friend and he only sees her as his best friend and nothing more. He's the lonely- and-abandoned-from-his-father kinda boy, who doesn't want to change himself, his family or generally, his whole life.

And then there's Nathan, Lucas' half-brother, whom we all hated cause he was mean and a douche to Lucas. We've all known or faced one or two kinda guys. The ones who think they're superior to all of us just because they're in a basketball or a football team. The guys who are sure they can have every girl they want cause they're athletes.

However, after a few episodes everything changes. Lucas is turning into a douche, especially after his car accident, and gets himself into love triangles (multiple times). He still cares about Haley and Karen, which is a good thing.

On the other hand, Nathan has completely changed! He turned into the complete opposite, in a good way. He fell in love with his tutor, which was a bad thing since his tutor was Haley, Lucas' friend, but then Lucas and him started getting along just for Haley's sake. He fell for her really bad and seems to love her with all his heart even after what they've been through. And trust me, if you haven't watched it, they've been through a lot of stuff and some of them are really really bad! I'm not gonna spoil it for you!

Let's move on to Haley. She's kinda a geek and enjoys tutoring her classmates. She's the girl who falls for the popular kid, when she is the least famous. You know the story, in real life when a geek girl or boy falls for a popular kid, nothing happens cause they're too shy to do something about it or they're afraid of the consequences if they do tell something. They're terrified pretty much all the time that someone will find out and tell the world. But in television world, it is different. Something always happens and the geek girl/ boy is meant to be with the popular kid. I tend not to like these type of movies because they show the unreal but in OTH's case everything is different. Haley starts tutoring Nathan just because she wanted him to leave her best friend, Lucas, alone. She did not enjoy it, well at first, cause she had a deal with Nathan. She tutors him, he leaves Lucas alone. Then, when she gets to know him -the real him- she falls for Nathan.

I remember in one episode Haley telling Lucas that she can't breath without Nathan, and when he's not around she can't get him off of her mind. I mean, c' mon people, Naley is the reason I still hope there's true love.

"Always and Forever"
Naley <3
Naley <3

I'm going to fangirl over Naley a little bit more. As you can see they're my OTP! But I'm going talk about the 9th season. I'm not gonna tell spoilers or something, because if I start I will never ever stop! All I'm going say is that my heart was beating in every single episode. For those who have seen it, I'm sure you they can relate. I think that that season was THE perfect season for this couple. It brought out the amazing talent that Bethany and James have. I was like "Noooo, noooo God, please noooo" in every episode.

And I'm never going forget this one:

"Hi Hales"
"Say that again"
"Hi Hales"

I have to stop talking about Naley... but I can't!

Let's talk about Peyton, now. Many of the fans or generally the people who were watching OTH say that Peyton is pretty much the same throughout the six seasons she's played on. But they're wrong! Peyton's been through a lot of stuff, her moms' death, psycho Derek, Lucas leaving her and getting engaged to Linsday. All I have to say is that Peyton got strong, really strong. At the first season, all she knew was to never trust anyone but herself. And that's some point, tho. Then, Lucas went into her life and POUF, she, finally, let somebody in.

She's a loner. Peyton may be a cheerleader, but she only became one to honor her mother after she died. As I said, she's a loner and an artist, she's supposed to be a little depressed cause she's an artist! It's what gives her inspiration. Just like Haley and Nathan, Peyton's been through a lot of stuff as far as her relationship with Lucas is concerned. They've broken up and then got together again many times.

"The boy saw the comet, and his life had a meaning again."

Lastly, there's Brooke. Peyton's best friend. Just like Lucas said in his first novel "An Unkidness of Ravens": "She was fiercely independent, Brooke Davis. Brilliant and beautiful and brave. In two years, she had grown more than anyone I had ever known. Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday, and I’m not sure she even knows it.". And yes, she's the greatest and nicest person you'll ever known. She's beautiful, kind, compassionate, caring and much more. She struggles a lot and she has family problems just like the rest of the OTH characters.

I think Brooke and Nathan have many things in common. They both had to deal with their ungrateful parents and they both had to grow faster than anyone else.

In the first seasons, she seems to be the girl who cares about herself and only, but then she exposes her REAL self, and she's just wonderful!

As you can realize, I adore One Tree Hill and it's my favorite TV series of all times. I mean, there's nothing you can ask me about this show that I wouldn't know. I've literally watched it three or four times and I'm at the point where I know and I can say the words exactly as they are in every scene.


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