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just to let you know this is only first 5 gens and only first evolving counts

starting off with 17th oshawat the otter looking pokemon from gen 5 now i don't hate this pokemon but i don't like it till its second evolving so he is at the bottom of this list 16th goes to torchick once again this pokemon isnt that good till its later evolved forms 15th goes to chimchar i do not like this pokemon until it turns into infernape and the only reason its placed better then the other two is cause its stats are pretty good 14th is tepig i like this pokemon as its first form and thats why its placed this but it gets ugly 13th snivy this pokemon is one of my faveorites but theres just to many pokemon that i like better then this one so snivy get 13th 12th place on this list is piplup this penguin pokemon is super cute but its just not good enough 11th turtwig this turtle pokemon is awesome and evolves into a beast but since this is only first forms this pokemon placed where it did 10th place goes to chikorita this pokemon was at the bottom of this list two years ago but then i watch the anime and i started to like chikorita way more 9th charmander heres where it starts getting good most people will probably get mad that i place this pokemon so low on the list but the only reason most people like this pokemon is cause of charizard which i like to but charmander isnt enough for me 8th place bulbasaur this is my second favorite grass pokemon its just so awesome until it evolves 7th place mudkip this water pokemon made it pretty far on this list but its not enough to win 6th place pikachu this pokemon is only playable in pokemon yellow but having a cute electric pokemon that is awesome in the anime was really cool 5th place squirtle the water turtle pokemon that looks awesome is my second favorite water pokemon but dosn't quite win the title best starter pokemon 4th place eevee now i know this isn't technically a starter but gary gets it in yellow so i decided to count this pokemon and its just awesome how this pokemon can turn into 8 different types 3rd place treeko this is my all time favorite grass pokemon but still not quite good enough 2nd place cyndiquil this fire pokemon is awesome and gets even awesomer later but the number one title of who is the greatest starter pokemon ever goes to totodile this little alligator pokemon is my all time favorite but thats it for the list thanks for checking this out please share with your friends and if you don't agree with my list say nyour favorite in the comments and keep an eye out for more of my work


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